Nutrition coaching is not about constantly living for a new diet.

We want to help you view your nutritional habits as more of a lifestyle. We live for the days when "diets" no longer exist and people are nourishing their bodies with

good food and achieving a healthy relationship with food and the body you live in.

We hope to continue to inspire and educate many more people to find freedom in their lives via a healthy lifestyle.

Laura Hughes

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Business Graduate and Marketing Assistant turned Competitive Athlete, where I practiced the required habits to become a medal winning athlete at Commonwealth level and compete amongst the best in Europe.

I now help career driven women reclaim their health and confidence through my 90 day fat loss method allowing them to get lean and stay lean, live with freedom, lose the food stress and build better connections and relationships with their spouse, family and friends, without living in the gym. It took me years to master this craft and I am here to teach it to you in 90 days!

I found that the habits I adopted and systems I used to become one of the best in my sport to be very transferable to every day life as a busy career driven woman.

The adjustments I made to the way I ate, the way I moved and the way I thought about myself have allowed me to continue to be in the best shape of my life, even though I am not training any where near as much as I once did. And you can achieve all of this too! With the right adjustments for you and your life and a bespoke plan that you CAN adhere to, GIVES you more of what life has to offer, instead of more restriction and you too can be successful with your health and fitness goals for the rest of your life.

Laura is the Head Nutritionist of Tailor Made Nutrition and is incredibly passionate about helping women find their flow with nutrition to unlock their full potential in performance, aesthetics or health.

Laura has worked with 100’s Women, and turned them from self-loathing, self sabotaging, individuals with low self esteem to becoming empowered, energetic, self assured, and confident in themselves and their abilities, which allowed them to see an increase in productivity and happiness in other areas of their life.

The methodology Laura created has helped women find freedom in their life through better habits that allow them to move, eat and live a better quality life while improving their body composition and performance in and out of the gym.

Laura is also a Commonwealth Weightlifting Champion, she took gold in the 75kg class, and was selected to represent Wales in the 2018 Commonwealth Games where she took a bronze medal. This gives her a unique insight into nutrition programming for people wanting to lose or maintain weight in a stressful environment and find the balance between eating for enjoyment as well as for fuel.

Laura is Precision Nutrition Level 1 qualified, Nutrition Coaching Institute Level 1 and Hormone specialist.